Net Metering:
Self-generation with energy offset


The beauty of self-generation
What is Net Metering?
Who is eligible for installation?
Πώς θα τροφοδοτείται η εγκατάστασή μου;
The 3 sections of the electricity bill:
What we pay from Section 1
What we pay from Section 2
What we pay from Section 3
In summary:
Photovoltaics on the Roof” program Internal Rate of Return (IRR) Net Present Value (NPV) Payback years Capital Level (5kW) Capital Level (10 kW)

The beauty of self-generation

During the day, the installation is powered by the Photovoltaic system.

The installation is dimensioned based on consumption, ensuring that the system generates energy equal to what we consume on an annual basis.

The excess energy produced during the day is stored in the grid (or in other means such as batteries).

The stored energy is absorbed when the production is lower than the consumption.

What is Net Metering?

Installation program for Photovoltaic systems to cover own electricity needs, with the application of energy offset.

Who are eligible to install?

Everyone. Even tenants. As long as they have ownership or legal use of the installation space (e.g., through leasing or free concession) and have secured the written consent of the owner. At the end of the year, the generated energy is offset with the energy absorbed from the grid, and only the difference is charged.

How will my installation be powered?

The three sections of the electricity bill

What do we pay for in Section 1 (Energy Charge)?

What do we pay for in Section 2 (Transmission-Distribution Network, RES Fee & Other Charges)?

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