10 years

Experience in the fields of Renewable Energy Sources (ΑΠΕ) and Electromechanical Applications


Certification with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

30 people

Permanent staff

About Us

Since our inception in 2012, our vision has been to create a company where our investment of precious time serves a noble purpose with the maximum possible impact. Our goal is to combat the climate crisis by promoting the use of high-tech systems for energy production from Renewable Energy Sources (ΑΠΕ) and energy efficiency. Currently, our activities revolve around three main axes:

  1. Energy Production and Storage Sector: Photovoltaics & wind turbines, standalone or grid-connected, energy storage systems, electric chargers.

  2. Energy Efficiency Sector: Heat pumps, air conditioning systems, solar and solar thermal systems, LED lighting, building envelope upgrades, energy performance contracts.

  3. Maintenance of Electromechanical Installations Sector (Hard FM): Operation and maintenance of public and private facilities with a focus on electromechanical systems and installations (air conditioning, electrical, hydraulic, etc.).

Furthermore, our company has extensive experience in the field of Public Works & Procurements, having executed hundreds of projects. Additionally, we have expertise in managing funded programs related to our areas of activity. An illustrative example is the ‘Energy Saving’ programs for individuals and businesses.

Human Resources

We have an exceptional team of individuals and an outstanding support structure to ensure smooth operations! Currently, our team consists of 30 permanent staff members and over 100 external collaborators, primarily for projects outside Crete. Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Electronics specialists, Electricians, Plumbers, and Refrigeration installers are just some of the specialties of the people we employ. Naturally, to enable them to work efficiently and effectively, there is a suitable framework to support them in logistics, accounting, HR, legal matters, etc.

Why Choose Us

Everything starts with the estimation and the full awareness that our clients have entrusted us with their money to fulfill a desire or need just as they envision it. Our team inherently carries a sense of responsibility and professionalism in its DNA, and our Engineers and Technicians manage each project and installation as if it were taking place in their own homes, with all that it entails.

Given that we all perform our work at least scientifically, what sets us apart and makes our offering incomparable is the element of artistry. Our work is not just about being correct; we aim for it to be a work of art!

Our crews are equipped with the most modern tools and safety equipment, ensuring they work not only efficiently but, above all, safely. Many times, our clients do not know what to expect when the work begins, and we ensure to pleasantly surprise them, even in matters such as cleanliness during and after the project, which is not always taken for granted.

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Our advantages are very specific:

Customers who trust us


• Ministry of Development
• Management Agency of Samaria National Park
• University of Crete
• Polytechnic School of Crete
• University of West Attica
• University of Thrace
• Crete Shooting Range
• 2nd Health Region of Attica
• 4th Health Region of Macedonia & Thrace
• 7th Health Region of Crete
• General Hospital of Chania
• Sotiria Hospital
• Public Power Corporation (DEI) S.A.
• Hellenic Electricity Distribution Network Operator S.A. (DEDDIE)
• Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Chania (DEYA)
• Municipality of Chania
• Municipality of Kordelio-Evosmos
• Court of Appeal of Crete
• Naval Station of Crete
• NATO Naval Facilities, Souda Bay
• Heraklion Port Authority
• Region of Crete
• KTEL Crete (Public Bus Transportation)
• Technological Educational Institute (TEI) of Crete
• Aghia Prison


• Dream Hill Villas
• Koukos Villas Ano Stalos
• Plakoures Hotel
• Marita’s Hotel
• Neos Omolos Hotel
• Villa Platanias Hotel
• Campos Hotel
• Margarita Hotel
• HarisMari Hotel
• Cretan Renaissance Hotel
• H&M / OTE Estate / Embatis SA
• Heron SA
• Kross Cafe
• Holy Temple of Evangelistria
• Holy Temple of Agios Stefanos
• Hamam Clothing Stores

+30 28210-59825
Δ-Π: 8:30πμ – 16:30μμ


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